Kiefer Sutherland Launches Music Career

Kiefer Sutherland Launches Music Career

Photo Credit: Kiefer Sutherland Facebook

Kiefer Sutherland, best known for his starring role as counter terrorism agent Jack Bauer in 24, has announced the official start of his musical career.

Kiefer will go on tour starting April 14th, beginning in the mid-west and traveling up the Eastern seaboard. The tour is in support of his debut, Down in a Hole, a folk-rock album with deeply personal lyrics.

While this will be Kiefer’s first full length record of his own, he is no stranger to the music industry.

In 2002, he founded an independent record label, Ironworks Music, with his friend and business partner Jude Cole, who also manages the band Lifehouse. Cole co-wrote many of the songs appearing on the album, which Kiefer originally wrote for other musicians to use.

Kiefer credits Cole for the development of his album explaining, “He said, ‘I think you should do these.’ So finally, I had a bunch of guys to play them live. I know this term is horrifically overused, but it was a really organic thing that happened.”

Gibson Guitars also honored Kiefer in 2006 with a custom guitar named after him, which is modeled after one of his favorite vintage Gibson’s. Kiefer has a collection of over fifty guitars, which he began acquiring for musician friends who couldn’t afford nice ones to take on tour with them.

Although there is no definitive release date for the album, it will likely drop in April at the start of his tour, according to a February interview on the Rachael Ray Show.

Tickets for The Kiefer Sutherland Band range in price from $20-$27 and will go on sale this weekend.