Justin Bieber Responds to Rumors About Kourtney Kardashian

Justin Bieber Responds to Rumors About Kourtney Kardashian

Photo Credit: Just Jared

Hardly a day goes by without another rumor about who Justin Bieber is dating, but in the case of Kourtney Kardashian the two were spotted together multiple times which added fuel to the fire.

Now Justin is speaking out about the alleged relationship instead of allowing the anonymous sources to just do the talking for him.

Justin taped an interview for “The Bert Show” that will air on Wednesday, where he didn’t exactly deny the rumors when asked about Kourtney. He joked:

“I’m being used, man. What can I say?”

The radio host Burt Weiss pressed further and asked specifically if there was any truth to the reports, and Justin responded with:

“Nah, we’ll leave it at that,” and then added, “For real, she’s great. I’ve known (the family) for years.”

Justin and Kourtney were first spotted hanging out shortly after Kourtney split from longtime boyfriend and the father of her children Scott Disick. A source reported that the fling gave Justin an “ego boost.”

Now however, Justin seems to be smitten with Hailey Baldwin. The two have been friends for years but the singer seems to be confirming a relationship with Hailey by the looks of his Instagram account.

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In recent days he has posted numerous photos of the two of them hanging out in the Caribbean, including a photo where they were clearly kissing. They seemed to have rung in the new year together on the trip.

Kourtney on the other hand, seems to be focusing on staying happy in the midst of the split. The 36-year-old mother of three admits that it hasn’t been easy, but that exercise has been helping her out.

“Everyone deals with hard times in their lives differently.” She says, “I’m generally not a nervous person but I get anxious. I also get nauseated; I feel like I can’t eat when it is really bad, but I force myself to stay healthy. One thing I’ve found that really helps is working out.”