Jimmy Carr Booed at Brit Awards for Madonna Jab

BRIT Awards 2015 - Show

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jimmy Carr has a reputation for being offensive, and he certainly lived up to it at yesterday’s Brit Awards.

Jimmy was presenting the award for Best British Video alongside stunning supermodel Karlie Kloss, and managed to cram an almost impressive number of awkward and inappropriate jokes into his short time on stage.

Jimmy’s opening line, remarking that “finally some glamour’s here,” was met with cheers for his co-presenter – but things immediately started to go downhill when he responded to her thanks with, “You look all right too, yeah, fine.”

The joke fell flat with the crowd, a sign of things to come.

More crickets – and an eye roll from Karlie – followed Jimmy’s next jest: “I just think it’s crazy in this day and age we have separate awards, and toilets, for men and women.”

But Jimmy was saving the worst til last, finally taking a stab at Queen of Pop Madonna, who was performing later in the evening.

“I am so excited about Madonna, she is literally a legend,” he said.

“I snuck into her dressing room backstage earlier,” – and at this point it was obvious Jimmy was about to wedge his foot firmly in his mouth – “and there’s a lot of drugs back there.”

“But don’t worry, it’s all HRT stuff.”

For those of you not in the know, HRT stands for hormone replacement therapy, which is used by many women to help with the symptoms of menopause.

This time he did get a response, and it was not happy – the people packed into London’s O2 Arena did not take kindly to the attack on the 56-year-old pop icon.

As jeers rang out around the stadium, Karlie rolled her eyes again moved things along with a smooth, “And the nominees are…”

The internet wasn’t impressed with Jimmy, either.

Really Jimmy? You had one job!