Jeremy Piven Talks UK Move Ahead of Entourage Premiere

Jeremy Piven Entourage

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Famous in the UK for playing the title role in the Mr Selfridge series, actor and producer Jeremy Piven has announced on Twitter that he may move to London!

Ok, it was not likely a literal statement, but the star has certainly got people talking. There has been much speculation and divided opinion, with Brits wanting him to move to London and Americans wanting him to stay in the US, claiming they have loved him longer.

The popular 49-year-old star sent the tweet just ahead of attending the premiere for his new movie, Entourage.

In contrast to the astute, level headed and fair entrepreneur Harry Selfridge, in Entourage Jeremy plays the part of Ari Gold, an agent well known for being brash and having anger issues.

At the Leicester Square, London event last night, Jeremy described playing the role of Ari as therapy. “I’m completely tapped out, but in a great way; you feel like you’ve done 15 rounds but that’s the only way to play him,” he said.

Soccer star Thierry Henry spoke highly of Jeremy for his assistance during the filming of his on screem debut, describing him as “brilliant.” He also joked that people would miss his performance in the film if they blinked.

In Entourage – which follows four buddies adjusting to the fast and frantic pace of Tinseltown – viewers can look forward to many more celebrity cameo appearances including those of Mark Wahlberg (who is one of the show’s producers), Calvin Harris and Pharrell Williams, who all play fictionalized versions of themselves.

Jeremy’s Entourage co-stars Emmanuelle Chrique, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Adrian Grenier were all at the premiere as well.

Other celebs in attendance included former Pussycat Dolls stars Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts, David Hasselhoff, and Jeremy’s Mr Selfridge co-star Kara Tointon, who plays the role of Harry’s daughter Rosalie in the series.