James Franco Announces New Film Class with Shirtless Selfie

James Franco Film Class

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Actor James Franco has once more lived up to his laid back, individual reputation by making a major announcement on Instagram/Twitter, in inimitable shirtless selfie style!

James delighted his social media fans with the news that he is going to be teaching a film class this fall – elaborating that three fully-financed feature films will be made.

James’ film school Studio 4 (which holds classes in Los Angeles and New York City) is to host the classes. Exact details of which classes James will teach haven’t yet been announced but are eagerly anticipated.

Although famous as an actor, James has many more accolades, including writing and directing, and is certainly no stranger to making films. The 37 year old has previously taught a class at New York University in feature filmmaking and production.

Among many other projects, James documented the week-long production of an episode of Saturday Night Live by producing and directing the documentary Saturday Night, which came out in 2010. He enjoys school himself, having said that it keeps him focused as well as grounded.

The actor is also enthusiastic about his highly anticipated Hulu event series 11/22/63 (produced by J J Abrams and Stephen King) which also stars T. R. Knight of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

The series is based on Stephen King’s novel from 2011 about Jake Epping, a time travelling English teacher (played by James) who travels back to 1958 with a quest to stop President Kennedy from being assassinated.

His mission faces complications including falling in love with married woman Sadie Dunhill (played by Sarah Gadon) who is estranged from salesman Johnny Clayton (T. R. Knight), creating a complicated love triangle.