Is Love in the Air for Madonna and Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber and Madonna

Photo Credit: Amy Nichole Harris and JStone /

Could there be a romance blossoming between Madonna and Justin Bieber?

Well, no, probably not, but the pop stars had fun pretending while on the Ellen Degeneres Show, even sharing a kiss backstage.

As Justin joined Madonna on the couch, Ellen commented that the youngest man the Queen of Pop had ever dated was 22, and Justin had just turned 21.

“We could sit here for a year and wait,” 56-year-old Madonna responded.

When Justin asked if 22 was “the lowest [she’d] go,” she replied, “I have no limits.”

Later, during a game of Never Have I Ever, both Madonna and Justin admitted to “fooling around” with someone in a bathroom during a party and with someone else in the room. Both had also dated siblings and forgotten the name of the person they were fooling around with.

“I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend,” Madonna said, at which point Justin leaned over and put his arm around her.

She then took it one step further, creating her own question for the game: “Never have I ever had sex with more than two people in one day.”

Of course, she had. Justin said he hadn’t, before implying he was still a virgin.

“I want it to be special for my wife,” he said.

Sure Justin, sure…

Later, the pair exchanged tweeted pleasantries about doing the show together, before Madonna shared a snap of their sneaky kiss backstage.