Fox Axes the Mindy Project – but It’s Not over Yet

The Mindy Project Season Four

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fox won’t be renewing The Mindy Project for a fourth season, but online video service Hulu may be coming to the rescue.

Ratings for the romantic comedy, created by and starring Mindy Kaling, were steady but not spectacular – and apparently not high enough for Fox.

Fans of the show are not happy with the decision, and are resting their hopes on a report from The Hollywood Reporter that Hulu may pick it up for two more seasons.

Universal Television, which produces The Mindy Project, is reportedly in talks with Hulu but neither party has confirmed this.

The third season of The Mindy Project ended with a cliffhanger despite the threat of cancellation, with Mindy saying she would not carry on with the story “under the assumption of failure.”

“I do think there’s more to tell, and I think fans would be disappointed not to see more adventures with these characters.”

Couldn’t have said it better, Mindy! We can only hope it all works out.