Emile Hirsch to Spend 15 Days in Jail After Pleading Guilty

Emile Hirsch to Spend 15 Days in Jail After Pleading Guilty

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Emile Hirsch began serving 15 days in a Utah jail on Monday after pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault for putting a female studio executive in a chokehold, and body slamming her at the Tao Nightclub in Park City, Utah.

It all began when the Into the Wild star was promoting the premiere of his film Ten Thousand Saints at the Sundance Film Festival early this year.

During the wee hours of the morning while partying at the nightclub, the woman we now know as Daniele Bernfeld, told security that she was assaulted by the actor. Hirsch reportedly didn’t leave the scene, but instead calmly waited for the police to arrive and spoke with them until 5 a.m. before finally going home with friends.

The actor told the officers that he couldn’t remember exactly what happened, but did admit to “mouthing off” to the woman, and then acting in defense because she accosted him.

“She started kind of causing a ruckus and I sort of started getting intervening and this happened. I don’t think it was much more than that to be honest … I think she had a go at me and I probably defended myself,” he explained at the time.

Public records obtained by the Associated Press revealed that Daniele called Emile’s actions “insanely painful and absolutely terrifying.”

At Monday’s sentencing, according to AP reports, the 30-year-old told a judge that he was sorry, and was learning to take responsibility for what he did. He said he had no excuse for what happened on January 25.

In the plea deal arrangement, the California native was not only sentenced to spend 15 days in jail, he’s also required to do 50 hours of community service and pay a $4,750 fine.

But Daniele didn’t think his punishment was harsh enough. She called Emiles’s sentence the “bare minimum,” before adding, “I thought I was going to die,” referring to the actor’s attack.

If not for the plea deal, the Speed Racer star could have ended up spending five years behind bars.