Daniel Craig on Filming Spectre

Daniel Craig on Filming Spectre

Photo Credit: Getty Images

James Bond star Daniel Craig has expressed his grievances with playing the iconic role of 007 over the last several years.

Daniel told Britain’s Time Out that he would rather “break glass and slit his wrists” than play James Bond again.

More recently, in an interview on Radio 1 Breakfast Show, he admitted that the role of Bond is taking a toll on his family.

“I’m away from home for eight months. There’s no other way of doing it. My family hate me. They’re just starting to forgive me now.”

Daniel talked about how large-scale the James Bond productions are, and what it’s like to walk onto a set of that magnitude.

“When you walk on those sets, and it’s the biggest set you’ve ever seen, I can’t put it into words.”

A production of this size that involves intense action and fight scenes means that the costume department has their work cut out for them. Having to stage up to 30 suits for a single fight sequence.

“If you think about a fight sequence where I get cut or the other guy gets cut and that’s 30 seconds into the sequence. So however long it takes to shoot 30 seconds, which can be a day, we need one suit for that day, another suit for the next day.” Daniel explains, “So every stage of the fight has a different suit because it’s broken down in a different way.”

Spectre will be released November 6.