The 10 Cutest Celebrity Couples of All Time

Beyonce & Jay-z

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Couples are cute, aren’t they? We love them as separate people but even more when they’re together. These 10 pairs past and present go so well together that it’s hard to ignore – or forget. That’s why they’re our favorites! Read on to see who our faves are.

1. Beyonce & Jay-Z (2000-Present)

This happening hip-hop mogul and superstar soul diva have been together by both of their accounts since 2000 and got married in 2008. This couple is one of our favorites because they’re such powerhouses in their own right yet complement each other so well – in their musical careers (they have tons of duets), with their parenting of cutey Blue Ivy, and their involvement in upcoming music streaming service Tidal. Here’s hoping these two stay crazy in love for another 15 years and beyond.