Chuck Wicks ‘Turning Point’ Inspired by Real Life Trials

Chuck Wicks 'Turning Point' Inspired by Real Life Trials

Photo Credit: Gator Country

Country singer Chuck Wicks quickly found success when he started in the music industry in 2008. The artist not only had a top ten debut album, he he joined Brad Paisley’s tour, and even landed a relationship with Julianne Hough.

But none of that lasted and by 2011 Chuck was dropped from his label for not having any of his follow up singles do as well as his first one. He was touring to try and make enough money to keep going, but losing out on the success that he had started with.

He almost gave up completely, but he told People that it was actually a now ex girlfriend that gave him a bit of a wakeup call. He had been down and gained some weight, and the girl he was dating at the time pointed it out. He realized that she wasn’t the right girl, but he did get motivated to get his life back together.

“It lit a fire under my ass…I picked myself up, went straight to the gym, got back into writing and became focused to get my life back together. It was a real turning point. Instead of saying, ‘I had my run,’ I said, ‘No man, there’s no way I’m done.'”

It was a pretty quick turnaround from there. By 2012 Jason Aldean had recorded one of his songs, he got signed to an independent record deal, and he also landed a co-host position on the radio show America’s Morning Show.

Chuck’s second album Turning Point is now set to be released February 26, and he couldn’t be more ready.

“I got a second shot at this and I have no intention of blowing it!”