Stars Get in on April Fools’ Day Fun

Sam Smith

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Everybody love a good April Fools prank, and celebrities are no different.

Sam Smith had a big surprise for his Twitter followers, announcing that he was actually straight. It’s safe to say no one was fooled by this one!

Also in the U.K., The Sun newspaper printed a story reporting that Simon Cowell would be appearing on a limited edition five pound note – a ‘Si-ver.’

Meanwhile, disgraced former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson appeared in an article in The Guardian, throwing his weight behind the newspaper’s anti fossil fuel campaign.

“I was the poster boy for petrolheads,” he said. “Now I want to become a – perhaps less gendered – poster person for the carbon-haters.”

He explained his sudden concern about climate change saying being sacked from Top Gear was a “wake-up call” that caused him to “reevaluate [his] priorities,” and as a result he had decided to “join the tree-huggers.”

Sure Jeremy.

April Fools’ Day in the U.S. arrived a little later, and American stars were no less enthusiastic.

Kevin James reprised his mall cop character in an “exclusive preview” of a bizarre Furious 7/Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 mash-up titled 2 Blart 2 Furious.

Paul shows off some of his impressive Segway skills, before crashing into a mall parking sign. Classic Paul Blart.

Elsewhere on the internet, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Seacrest and Britney Spears were among the stars getting behind Funny or Die’s supposed latest venture.

Boasting “the internet’s shortest videos,” ‘Dips’ is a platform for 1.5 second videos.

“We’ve found that a second and a half is the optimal amount of time for creativity, communication and sharing, so we went and secured a loan $80 million and we set up this platform,” Funny or Die’s Adam McKay explains in an intro video.

‘Dips’ on the site include Jennifer Lawrence answering a banana phone, Ryan Seacrest preparing to divulge a big secret, Britney Spears walking into a glass door, and Arnold Schwarzenegger shouting, “Get to the chop–”

Other celebs featured include Ludacris, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Drew Barrymore, John Hamm, Conan O’Brien, Lena Dunham and Kevin Hart.

Playboy Magazine also joined in the April Fool’s Day fun, publishing an article revealing staff had stumbled upon evidence of old tunnels leading from the Playboy Mansion to a number of nearby homes.

The magazine claimed that staff had found Polaroid photos of an excavation project, and after “digging a little deeper” found blueprints for tunnels to the homes of Jack Nicholson, Kirk Douglas, Warren Beatty and James Caan.

The tunnels were supposedly built in the 70s, before being sealed up in 1989, the year Hugh Hefner married Kimberly Conrad.

What’s your all-time favorite celebrity April Fools’ Day prank?