10 Celebrities with Mental Illnesses

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Photo Credit: Getty Images

According to the World Health Organization, there are over half a billion people worldwide suffering from some form of mental illness. This, of course, doesn’t include those who have never been diagnosed. Mental illness comes in a variety of forms, including common conditions such as depression and ADHD as well as autism and less prevalent diagnoses like bipolar disorder or anxiety disorders (think OCD, panic disorder, etc.). At least 50% of those who have a mental illness also have more than one condition.

Although having a mental illness is quite difficult and affects nearly every facet of a person’s life, many rise above their challenges to lead relatively normal and quite frankly, impressive lives full of intrigue and achievement. Whether through education, therapy, or medication, there is hope and a bright future ahead of all those who deal with any of these conditions. Read on to find out about just a few of the many celebrities with mental illnesses out there that are fighting the same battle for health and mental well-being.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

This stunning star of the big screen was diagnosed with bipolar disorder II shortly after husband Michael Douglas started battling throat cancer. Catherine publicly revealed it to the world back in 2011 through interviews with news outlets and entertainment magazines. Her type of bipolar disorder is considered to be a less intense version of the dualistic condition where the manic episodes are not as amplified — often referred to as hypomania.