15 Celebrities Who Have Adopted Children


Photo Credit: Getty Images

A lot of people out there casually poke fun at celebs who decide to adopt children, and this is especially true for those who decide to adopt out of foreign countries as opposed to the US. We’re not exactly sure why that is, but we get the feeling that the same people who balk at celeb adoptions think that they are buying kids like they’re dolls. While they may get to jump the line a little due to having better lawyers, more access, and the finances to get through the process much quicker, we think it’s great to see so many of them choosing to do so.

Honestly, if the cost wasn’t so high (it runs into the tens of thousands for adoption fees, agencies, doctors, lawyers, and transportation), a lot of us would adopt too. In any event, read on to learn about 15 fascinating celebrities who’ve adopted children.

1. Madonna

There’s been quite the controversy in the past regarding Madge’s two adoptions of a boy and girl from Malawi. She adopted her son, David, after meeting and falling in love with him while on an aide mission to fund and tour orphanages in 2006. Even though there was a lot of backlash in the media and with human rights activists, Madonna never wavered because her decision to adopt, and the way she did it, were completely legitimate. She was so confident in her decision that she returned to Malawi to adopt a second child named Mercy in 2009. Sadly, there was a lot of negative backlash again, but in the end, all ended up well. Madonna still returns to Malawi to do charity work with the Raising Malawi organization to this day.