Caitlyn Jenner Could Face Manslaughter Charges

Caitlyn Jenner Could Face Manslaughter Charges

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The tragic car accident case involving Caitlyn Jenner has been handed over to the district attorney’s office from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in order to allow prosecutors to determine whether or not to bring manslaughter charges against the 65-year-old.

Caitlyn was involved in the multi-vehicle crash back in February on California’s Pacific Coast Highway, which left one woman, 69-year-old Kim Howe, dead. On Tuesday, the LA Times reported that the detectives who carried out an investigation into the accident had presented their findings to the DA’s office, which could result in the reality star being charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for which the maximum sentence is one year in county jail.

The police recommendation for the vehicle manslaughter charge is said to be based on how fast Caitlyn was going at the time of the crash; rear-ending a Lexus being driven by the victim with her Cadillac Escalade, at a speed that detectives say was unsafe.

Detective Richard Curry told the Times last week that although Caitlyn was driving within the speed limit, the speed was too fast for the particular road conditions that day.

In addition to the death of Howe, seven other people were injured in the crash, however multiple media reports, including the LA Times, say that criminal charges against the former Olympian are unlikely. While the D.A. could file misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges because Caitlyn violated the speed law by not slowing down quickly enough, the D.A. typically doesn’t automatically file criminal charges due to inattentive driving. Caitlyn was not on the phone, texting, nor did she have any drugs or alcohol in her system.

TMZ points out that a deputy with the L.A. County Sheriff who was typing on his patrol car computer last year and drifted into a bike lane, killing a man, did not have charges filed against him.