Bill Murray to Appear in Ghostbusters Reboot!

Bill Murray to Appear in Ghostbusters Reboot

Photo Credit: Getty Images

After previously stating a reluctancy to be involved in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, it has been revealed that Bill Murray, who starred as Dr Peter Venkman in the original two Ghostbusters movies, will be joining the new cast after all!

His initial reluctance was because the sequel to Ghostbusters wasn’t as well received as the original movie, but fans who have been hoping to hear this news for a long time are delighted; particularly after Bill recently dismissed rumors that he will appear in the movie as, “crazy talk”, (although he has always been supportive of the all female line up for the main roles, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, and of director Paul Feig.)

Bill was spotted on his way to the set of the new Ghostbusters movie in Boston, MA. Rumors are also circulating that rock star Ozzy Osbourne could also feature in the movie, as a concert of him is reported to have been filmed with the intention of including scenes from it in the movie.

Bill Murray, 64, who first appeared on Saturday Night Live has also starred in other major comedy films including Scrooged and Groundhog Day. It is unlikely that he will reprise his role as Dr Peter Venkman this time though, as he is more likely to be appearing in a cameo role, following in the footsteps of fellow co-star of the original movies Dan Akroyd who has also recently filmed a cameo for the movie.

This is not the first time he has been re-associated with Dan Akroyd, as back in 2009 he joined him with Ernie Hudson and the late Harold Ramis to provide voices for their original Ghostbusters characters for a video game.

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is set to hit our screens on July 22, 2016.