Beyonce, Taylor Swift Among World’s Most Powerful Women

Beyonce Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: Getty Images

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has retained her top spot as World’s Most Powerful Woman on the Forbes 100 list, with presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton hot on her heels in second place.

The Forbes list ranks the most powerful women in the world by dollars, media presence and impact, and includes CEOs, Heads of State and celebrities.

This is the fifth year in a row Angela Merkel, 60, has achieved this position while Hillary Clinton, 67, has appeared on the list every year since it started in 2004. First lady Michelle Obama, 51, made it to a powerful 10th position this year.

But the list includes more than politicians. Seventeen women below the age of 45 made this year’s list including Taylor Swift, appearing on the list for the first time at number 64.

At the age of 25, Taylor is the youngest woman on the list, with earnings estimated by Forbes at $64 million for last year. And a following of 58 million on Twitter certainly contributes to the star’s power status.

Beyonce Knowles, 33, is the highest ranking entertainer, making the list at number 21 (down from 17 last year). Her tour with husband Jay Z grossed around $100 million, putting the couple’s nightly average equal to none other than the legendary Rolling Stones.

Actress Angelina Jolie (39) has reached number 54 in the list. While also writing and directing, she still commands some of the big screen’s highest fees.

Television personality and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, 61, ranked at number 12, making her the top ranking billionaire on the list with her net worth estimated at $3 billion. Oprah makes millions each year from the successful spin-off stars she had a hand in creating, including Dr. Phil.

Shakira, 38, made the list again, this time at number 81, having sold more than 60 million albums worldwide since her music career began when she was a teenager.