Antonio Banderas Is Starring in Movie about Miraculous Miners’ Rescue!

Antonio Banderas Is Starring in Movie about Miraculous Miners’ Rescue!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Spanish star Antonio Banderas, 54, (of The Mask of Zorro and Spy Kids) is portraying Mario Sepulveda (known as ‘Super Mario’) in biographical disaster movie The 33. The movie is based on the real events of the 2010 mining disaster when thirty-three miners were trapped in the Chilean San Jose mine.

The movie will mainly concentrate on the disaster itself and the three months after when the rescue team attempted to save the lives of the trapped miners.

Prior to the rescue attempt, the miners had managed to survive on a very rationed diet of milk, water and biscuits. The discovery was made when drilling was being carried out and a miner managed to attach a note to a drill-bit which translates as “All thirty-three of us are fine in the shelter.” Mario Sepulveda then continuously reassured the public the miners were alright by making daily video logs.

Antonio has received approval and enthusiasm of his portrayal from Mario himself. He has also met with the Chilean president ahead of the movie’s release.

The 33 is produced by Apocalypse Now producer Mike Medavoy who has worked with the miners themselves and their families. The strong female lead, Maria Segovia is portayed by Juliette Binoche, 51, of The English Patient.

Lou Diamond Phillips, 53, who starred as Ritchie Valens in the movie La Bamba, is portraying Luis ‘Don Lucho’ Urzua, the shift foreman who played a significant role in the rescue of the miners by making extremely accurate maps of the cave for the rescue crew to follow.

Tim Wilcox, a British Journalist, who presented live coverage during the events for the BBC is appearing in the movie as himself.

The 33 is due for release on our screens later this year in November.