Amy Poehler’s 5 Best Moments of 2015

Those Golden Globe Moments

Photo Credit: Getty Images

If you have watched The Golden Globes awards ceremony for the past three years, you already know how actresses/comedians Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have done such an amazing job of roasting some of the biggest names in Hollywood. This is one of the reasons that the 2015 Golden Globes were talked about for weeks before and after the event occurred.

In considering Amy Poehler’s five best moments of 2015, it would be fair to point to The 2015 Golden Globes alone to identify five hilarious moments in which the comedian, writer, and actress really stood out from the crowd. Even just the opening monologue might be seen by some as a year’s worth of comedic gold. However, Poehler has never been one to rest on her laurels.

Though we are not through with 2015 yet, we can look at five iconic “Poehleresque” moments that keep her at the top of most fans’ charts.

1. Those Golden Globe Moments

In ten minutes of belly laugh and gasp-in-shock moments, the opening monologue for The Golden Globes has to rank as one of Poehler’s best moments of the year. Razzing stars like George Clooney and admitting to a preference for Colin Farrell and Mark Ruffalo; it was when she did a spot-on impersonation of Bill Cosby that proved Poehler never shies away from even controversial humor. With the controversy around Bill Cosby, who had been accused by a large number of women for using date rape drugs on them and then engaging in sexual relations, both Poehler and Fey created a comedic, golden moment. Fey did her impersonation first, and then Poehler stepped in to show her the proper method and the pair earned gasps, shocked groans, enormous laughter and instant respect for their willingness to tackle a controversial topic.