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10 Actors Who Have Played James Bond

Daniel Craig

Photo Credit: Getty Images

You may read that title and say aloud, “No…there have only been like six or seven Bonds.” Now, in one way you are correct, for there have been but a small number of “silver screen” Bonds, but if you count all of the actors who have worked in the role of James Bond or 007, the number hovers closer to a dozen or more.

How? Sound recordings, television programs, and movies have been created around the iconic spy character, and names familiar or unfamiliar have stepped into some of the most famous fictional (and of course stylish) shoes of all time. Let’s look at ten of the most memorable performances portraying Bond … James Bond.

1. Daniel Craig

Let’s get him out of the way right off the top. Our current portrayer of Bond, Daniel Craig is an unusual actor for the role. Not classically handsome, and far more rugged than most are used to seeing, his variation of Bond has quickly become a world favorite. With his startlingly blue eyes and his emotive facial expressions, Daniel’s Bond has helped to transition the character to a new generation. Appearing in a short film with the actual Queen of England, his portrayal is also one of the most globally recognized.