The 8 Most Charitable Celebrities

Sean Penn

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It’s nice when you can give back to the community. Whether you donate cash or time, it feels good to help people out or give them things that they need. Sadly, not everyone who’s in a position to help others who are less fortunate actually does, so it’s nice to see celebrities out there setting a good example for others and sharing their wealth. Check out our list of eight of the most charitable celebrities… and then follow their lead!

1. Sean Penn

Sean Penn is one magnanimous guy when it comes to charity work. He’s done commercials for things like the World Food Programme and spends a great deal of time on the ground in Haiti helping to rebuild and rehabilitate after the 2010 earthquake that flattened Port Au Prince and other places that surrounded the epicenter. His relief organization J/P HRO just recently raised $6 million in a single star-studded event – and that’s in just one day!