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8 Celebrities Who Really Shouldn’t Be Famous

Kim Kardashian

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fame used to be something people attained for having something to offer in the way of talent. I’m not trying to put every human being who’s made some cash on blast, but it doesn’t seem to take much of anything to become ‘famous’ these days.

I may sound like an old lady, and I get that talent is relative. However, there are tons of celebrities who get millions of dollars and massive recognition, respect, and ratings for doing absolutely nothing. I could go on forever, but I’ll spare you and reveal the eight celebrities that quickly come to mind when one hears the phrase ‘talentless hack.’

1. Kim Kardashian

As if Kimmy K was going to get a hall pass on this one. Sure, she’s got a cute kid, and her husband’s won a boatload of awards, but is this what passes for A-List these days?

She’s one of the late Robert Kardashian’s daughters, but that’s hardly a claim to fame. Apparently, the whole world decided one day that laying on your back in your very own ‘leaked’ sex tape constitutes handing someone their own reality TV series, clothing line, and unlimited cover shoots.