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8 Celebrities Who Are Disliked by Their Peers

Chris Brown

Photo Credit: Debby WongShutterstock.com

Hollywood isn’t all that different from high school; in many ways, the whole entertainment industry is like a giant popularity contest. Yet, despite the incredibly important benefits that come with being liked by powerful people, these X celebrities have managed to build thriving careers despite being disliked by their peers. It only goes to show that the only popularity contest that really matters is the one that tracks box office receipts, record sales, concert revenues and TV ratings.

1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the quickest way to earn the scorn of your peers is to be a girlfriend-beating, abusive egomaniac. Even though Brown and Rihanna managed to patch things up, the inside scoop suggests that many powerful people inside the music industry have cut ties with Brown, which could have major consequences for his already flagging career. Brown’s suggestion that he was actually a victim in the whole Rihanna situation has only made things worse.