8 Bizarre Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Elvis Presley Lives

Photo Credit: Getty Images

2. Elvis Presley Lives

Elvis Presley had enjoyed a tremendous return to the spotlight just before his shocking death in 1977, and so it is not all that surprising that scores of his fans would be in a state of denial that “The King” was dead. However, almost immediately after his death, rumors began to circulate that he had not really died but faked his death. Reasons suggested for this included hiding from the mafia, to escape celebrity, political reasons, and so on.

Soon after, Elvis ‘sightings’ began in all parts of the world; particularly potent was a series of sightings in the late ‘80s in the area around southwest Michigan. However, no one was able to get clear photos or footage. As recently as January of this year a report appeared online that an 80-year old homeless man had been found deceased in San Diego and that it was the body of Elvis. So, where is he now? Is he dead? The conspiracy still poses, but does not answer, this question.