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7 Nasty Ongoing Celeb Feuds

Drake vs. Chris Brown

Photo Credit: John Steel and Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Celebrity feuds have been going on for as long as people have been able to attain that kind of success. But with the advent of social media and worldwide exposure through the press, we now get to witness and weigh in on these feuds, seeing them unfold as they happen. Check out some of the crazy celebrity feuds that have been going on in the past few years.

1. Drake vs. Chris Brown

A slew of harsh words have been exchanged by each of these rappers’ camp, with the animosity initially over Rihanna. We all know that she was Chris Brown’s main squeeze during 2009, and after the domestic violence incident that year Drake began dating the songstress.

While they dated for only a brief time, Drake apparently developed hostile feelings towards Chris for the way he treated Ri-Ri, and ever since then they’ve taken pot shots at each other in songs, through social media – and in nightclubs, by way of glass bottle in NYC.

They appeared to be making peace with one another last year, and actually performed a skit in making light of their mutual angst. But last week Chris implied in an interview that he was the reason Drake was famous, and did a not-so-flattering impression of him.

Drake seemed to respond during a show in Auckland, New Zealand a couple of days later, when he changed up his lyrics in an apparent shot at Chris.

And so it continues…