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7 Best Celebrity Surprise Appearances

Bill Murray

Photo Credit: Getty Images

2. Bill Murray

It is as if this long-time fan favorite has become a compulsive surprise artist. Entire websites and articles have been written about the seemingly impossible stories of Murray’s surprise appearances and the hilarity that ensues. From the ultimate photo-bombing of one couple’s engagement photo session to the time he busted a guy’s nose (entirely by accident) with a Coke bottle, Murray is one of the most surprising of all contemporary celebrities. He often accepts random invites or spur of the moment welcomes, but one of his most surprising appearances was in 2014. While a bachelor party was occurring in a steakhouse in Charleston, S.C., a few of the attendees noticed that Murray was dining in another area of the establishment. The group attempted to purchase drinks for Murray and his guests, but were declined. When one member of the bachelor party asked Murray to say a few words to the groom, he again declined. Dejectedly the group returned to the party only to be surprised by Murray showing up a few moments later, giving an incredibly insightful speech and then lifting the groom-to-be on his shoulders to celebrate!