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7 Best Celebrity Surprise Appearances

Taylor Swift

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Running into a celebrity in the “real world” is always a bit surreal. It’s often one of the reasons that paparazzi are snapping photos of celebrities pumping their own gas, buying food, or dining out. However, is it all that surprising that our favorite celebs are just real people too?

What a surprise it is when a celebrity spontaneously shows up at an event and may or may not steal the spotlight, make someone’s day, or inject a huge amount of energy into something that may have been a lot less exciting. Let’s look at seven different celebrity surprise appearances that rank as some of the “best” for what they said about the celeb, what sort of results and/or responses they created, and well, just because you’ve got to love a celebrity surprise!

1. Taylor Swift

The singing and songwriting mega star could have a list of dozens of celeb surprise appearances since she has made it a regular habit to go and spend time with children battling illness, give fans college funding, ask them to participate in videos, and even held private concerts in her home for some of her best fans. However, it was when one of her biggest fans (one that Swift had kept in touch with over the years) who sent the performer an invitation to her upcoming nuptials, that Swift decided to make one of the best surprise appearances ever. Though unable to make the wedding, the shower invitation that was included in the wedding invite piqued Swift’s interest. She decided to attend, without letting the bride-to-be know of the plans. She arrived with a basket full of gifts and was immediately embraced by the fan, welcomed to the party, and had a great time.