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15 Unexpected Celebrity Couples

Britney Spears and Colin Farrell

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Brad and Angelina, Kurt and Goldie, Jay-Z and Beyoncé… these couples seem so perfect together that you cannot imagine them with anyone else. But they weren’t always together, and many have paired up with unexpected partners before finding their perfect match.

Let’s consider some of the most unexpected celebrity couples, with some so surprising you may not believe they actually were together!

1. Britney Spears and Colin Farrell

Though Brit seems to have made a point of sticking to the unfamous since her long-time romance with Justin Timberlake, in 2003 she hooked up with notorious Hollywood naughty boy Colin Farrell. The two made an impossibly hot combination with her clean-cut beauty and his roguish good looks, but alas, Brit would go on to marry Kevin Federline and date producer Charlie Ebersol while Colin has since fathered children, dated scores of ladies, and has yet to settle down.