10 Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

Gisele Bundchen

Photo Credit: Getty Images

There are hundreds of millions of smokers around the globe, and each time they light up they put themselves at risk for lung, mouth, and throat cancer in addition to stroke or heart problems. They also put those around them at risk for disease as well, due to the problems of secondhand smoke. And of course, the environmental tolls of cigarette manufacturing as well as discarded cigarette butts present a problem to everyone.

The CDC in the United States says almost 70% of American smokers are actually already trying to stop. They fail because it is just so hard to quit. Tobacco and nicotine are incredibly addictive substances, and so it can often feel impossible for a smoker to give up the habit.

However, there is inspiration everywhere. Friends, family, and co-workers are likely to be among the many who have been able to kick the smoking habit, and they can often be very supportive, encouraging, and inspiring. To find even more inspiration, you can look to famous people who have also struggled to overcome smoking and who have succeeded in their quest.

In fact, this is a great era for turning to the stars for encouragement as many of them have been open and honest in the media and on social media too, documenting their battles, failures and ultimate victories. Let’s look at some of the most useful examples to find inspiration:

1. Gisele Bundchen

A supermodel married to a champion athlete, Gisele Bundchen seems like the portrait of health. But her amazing physique and dedication to fitness were marred by her choice to smoke. In the early 2000s she began to become more of a role model to young women and realized that smoking was not something she wanted to advocate. Gisele says she gained around 15 pounds after quitting and has maintained that weight since, helping her career and her self-esteem.