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10 Celebrities Who Are Not Aging Well

Axl Rose

Photo Credit: worldswildlifewonders / Shutterstock.com

No matter how much fame or money you may amass, you will never stop the march of time. While many celebrities seem to unlock the secret of lasting youthfulness, others age horribly. Wild partying and the side effects of multiple plastic surgeries are to blame in many of these cases, though in others, it appears that some celebrities just got the short end of the proverbial genetic stick.

1. Axl Rose

Following a stint as the world’s biggest rock star in the 1980s, Axl Rose subsequently all but disappeared from public view before reappearing at the head of a revamped Guns N’ Roses lineup in the early 2000s. What was supposed to be a storybook comeback quickly descended into a running joke, as Rose had obviously packed on the pounds during his hiatus. Even the most diehard GNR fans have a hard time defending the once-energetic singer, whose increasingly erratic and lackluster performances have relegated him to sideshow status.